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Best durian delivery service in Singapore 2023

Best durian delivery service in Singapore 2023

As durian season sweeps through Singapore, the tantalizing fragrance of durians wafts from neighborhood fruit stalls, captivating the senses of enthusiasts across the city. While the irresistible allure of this cherished fruit remains undeniably strong, navigating the logistics of procuring and enjoying durians can sometimes pose a challenge. Thankfully, the solution lies in the convenience of durian delivery services. In this guide, we explore eight esteemed establishments that offer an array of durian choices and swift doorstep delivery.

Durian Delivery Services in Singapore:

1. Durian Delivery Singapore – Durians from Private Plantations Heralding quality and efficiency, Durian Delivery Singapore ensures the swift transfer of freshly-harvested durians from their private plantations in Pahang, Malaysia, to your hands within hours. With an enticing range of offerings, including Mao Shan Wang and Pahang Signature Black Gold, this delivery service prides itself on timely and flavorful deliveries. Their commitment to customer satisfaction extends to a free durian replacement guarantee, ensuring you always receive the best.

2. Kungfu Durian – Frozen & Vacuum-Packed Durians For those craving a taste of home, Kungfu Durian delivers frozen and vacuum-packed durians that maintain their exquisite freshness. With a unique rewards system, every purchase contributes to future discounts, allowing durian aficionados to enjoy their favorite treat while saving. Their dedication to quality guarantees an authentic durian experience, even for those residing far from their beloved homeland.

3. 99 Old Trees Durian – Pure 'A' Grade D24 Pulp Quality prevails at 99 Old Trees Durian, where only the finest D24, S17, Jin Feng, and MSW durians are offered. Expertly selected and quality-checked, their durians promise an unparalleled taste experience. Additionally, their workshops provide insights into assessing durian quality and differentiating varietals, making you a discerning durian connoisseur.

4. Durian Kingdom Singapore – Rare Black Pearl Variant Durian Kingdom Singapore is a treasure trove for durian aficionados, offering a remarkable assortment that includes the elusive Black Pearl variant. With a commitment to affordability and quality, this home-based business has earned a loyal following for its Red Prawn, D101, and MSW variants.

5. Durian 36 – Party Sets for Special Occasions Durian lovers seeking a lavish durian feast need look no further than Durian 36. From party sets catering to various group sizes to à la carte options, this service provides a plethora of choices. Hosting an actual durian party has never been easier, thanks to their diverse offerings that include MSW, D24, and XO selections.

6. Durian Express Delivery – 60-Minute Delivery Plus Seasonal Fruits When craving strikes, Durian Express Delivery offers speedy service, ensuring you receive your durians within hours. With a selection of popular and premium durian variants, alongside seasonal fruits like mangosteens and soursop, they cater to your every desire.

7. Durian Delivery – Black Gold MSW from Their Own Plantations Experience the pure delight of freshly-picked durians with Durian Delivery. Their signature Black Gold MSW, sourced from their own Pahang plantation, promises an unparalleled flavor adventure. The availability of other durian variants and complementary fruits makes every order a tantalizing experience.

8. DurianBB – Fresh Durians & Durian Snacks At DurianBB, it's a durian extravaganza. Offering direct deliveries from their Pahang farm and an array of durian desserts and snacks, this establishment is a haven for durian enthusiasts. From D24 Tan Sri XO packed durians to King-on-King MSW Durian Burnt Cheesecake, the offerings are as diverse as they are delicious.

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Nevertheless - Elevate your durian experience with the convenience of doorstep delivery. Whether you're a seasoned durian lover or embarking on your first durian adventure, these delivery services bring the rich flavors and enticing aromas of the King of Fruits directly to your home. From private plantations to frozen delights, embark on a durian journey like no other and relish the joy of savoring this beloved tropical treasure.